‘At the foot of the mountain’


The Region :

Just south of the Pyrenees in Northern Spain, Somontano is the geographical heart of the Huesca Province. The lush landscape is dominated by looming mountain ranges and the surrounding countryside is a maze of deep canyons and waterways. The limestone rich soils are perfect for the cultivation of grapevines and they are supported by a moderate, continental climate. This means that temperatures are less extreme than other regions in Spain ensuring ideal growing conditions and longer periods of fruit maturation.


Traditional Style :

Traditionally wine was produced in Somontano by small scale family operations who owned and worked their own vineyards. They made wine to quench the thirst of the people who worked the land and the wine style reflected this. They were bright, fruit forward wines which were designed to be drunk while they were still young. The winemakers relied on the ideal growing conditions to ensure that the grapes ripened enough to create smooth wines with plenty of flavor. This meant there was no need to age these wines for years on end as within a few months they were ready to be enjoyed with a hearty dinner and shared amongst friends. The only difficulty was making sure the wine lasted until the next harvest! With Paso-Primero we have captured the essence of those traditional wines and produced a wine which we hope you will pair with a hearty meal and share with friends.