Paso-Primero Tinto 2015

Tasting Note :  In keeping with the 2014 Paso-Primero Tinto this wine has a bright, ruby red colour. This reveals the youthful nature of the wine whereas the complex aromatics suggest a much older wine. Bright red fruits are underpinned with deeper, tertiary characteristics (such as ground coffee and leather) that are usually found in wines  with a greater bottle age. Typically for a Spanish wine from a hot, difficult vintage the palate is powerful with weight and structure. The higher Merlot component (relevant to the 2014)  softens the wine with supple tannins balancing the power of the Cabernet-Sauvignon. We have tried to maintain a backbone of acidity from the Tempranillo to give the wine length and lift the more robust characteristics of the other varietals.  As always we have produced a wine to be enjoyed on any day of the week!  

Varieties – 68% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon and 12% Tempranillo. 

Each variety included in the Paso-Primero blend was chosen for its suitability to the Somontano climate. As each variety ripens at slightly different times we are able to harness the full spectrum of fruit maturity and capture their most desirable characteristics. The earlier picks of Merlot and Tempranillo bring plenty of red fruit flavours to Paso-Primero while the later pick of Cabernet Sauvignon gives the wine structure and a deeper complexity. Each of these would make excellent single variety wines but together they have been utilised to create a fantastic fruit-forward blend.

Food Pairing :

Paso-Primero is the perfect accompaniment to light meat dishes and roasted vegetables. Tom’s top tip would be to pair the wine with a charcuterie board and a variety of mature cheeses. Emma would recommend grilled, lightly-peppered Portobello mushrooms with herby pesto, rocket and goats cheese.

2015 Vinification Notes :

'The weather pattern in 2015 was atypical for Somontano and kept wine producers on their toes right to the end of harvest. Waves of “African heat” in the early summer advanced vine development but then vines shut down due to the lack of water. Rain finally came and continued during the harvest which required considerable effort to ensure that each variety and vineyard had reached optimum ripeness. Producers have been rewarded with rich flavours and great complexity with each variety showing plenty of character'. Vintage report for Spain 2015 - Patricia Langton 

Because of the unusual vintage we worked hard in the cellar to maintain the 'house style' of Paso-Primero Tinto. Our main weapon for combating the exceptionally ripe fruit that we were receiving was to stagger our picking dates and utilise the varieties on hand. We picked small batches of Tempranillo early so that we could harness it's acidity in the blending process and did several picks of Merlot and Cabernet-Sauvignon to maintain fruit character and ensure phenolic ripeness. The beauty of producing blended wines it the freedom it gives throughout production to give us as many options as possible for the final blend. The difficulty is not hedging too many bets and creating a logistical nightmare!  Check out our blog winemaker's notes for more info. 

Vintage – 2015

Alcohol – 14%

pH – 3.62