Paso-Primero Blanco 2017

Following the debacle of our Paso-Primero Blanco in 2016 (see previous post) we have worked incredibly hard to get this latest edition to where we believe our white wine should always be - fresh, vibrant and aromatic. It's taken us three vintages to really find our feet with the white wines in northern Spain but we think this latest Paso-Primero Blanco, a blend of three different varietals, has a real sense of being 'Suitably Somontano'

Vinification : To preserve fruit character during a very hot and dry vintage we kept every stage of production as cold as possible. This meant picking at night and utilising our cooling system right through settling, fermentation and into maturation. The  cooler temperatures enable us to keep the wine crisp, bright and focused on the primary fruit characteristics each grape gives us straight from the vineyard. Other than that we tried to keep everything as simple as possible trying to keep the resulting wine as clean and fruity as possible. 

Blending : It was always our expectation to make a blended wine for Paso-Primero Blanco. Not only does this fit the style of wines typically found in Somontano but it also gives us the chance to bring together the different qualities each grape offers. To allow each varietal to fully express their unique attributes we treat each parcel of each fruit as if it's going to become a single wine in it's own right. We do this by staggering our harvesting and production methods and ferment each batch separately. Although this increases the workload in the winery it makes sure we don't get stuck producing a homogeneous blend and we can create layers of complexity by simply giving each tank the love it deserves. This makes our job easier and much more enjoyable when we bring them together to create Paso-Primero Blanco.